Are you available for personal readings?

If you see reading options listed in the Uncaged Tarot shop, I’m able to read the cards for you. When I temporarily close up shop to refresh services or take a break, I hide all reading options and replace the page with a notice to say that the shop is closed.

I’m on the fence about getting a tarot reading. Can we discuss it before I decide?

Sure thing. In fact, I encourage anyone who has questions about the reading process to let me know beforehand. I love demystifying tarot and making it an accessible tool for people, and I want you to feel comfortable with the process. Tarot should never be scary! Reach out using my contact form whenever you’d like, and I’ll respond as soon as I’m able. You’re never obligated to commit to a reading by contacting me. I'll be happy to hear from you!

I want to learn how to read tarot. Can you teach me?

I’m honored that you’d consider working with me. Anyone can learn to read tarot! In 2019, I will launch one-on-one virtual “Tarot Talk” sessions through Zoom. These will be fun and informal conversations. You’ll be able to book a time slot and let me know what you’re interested in learning ahead of time so I can prepare for our chat. Signing up for the Uncaged Tarot mailing list is the best way to stay in the loop for the Tarot Talk launch. I’m also considering creating workbooks and self-paced courses in the future, although I have no immediate plans to do so.

I noticed you use several tarot decks featuring non-traditional tarot imagery. Why?

My first tarot deck was the Rider-Waite-Smith in the little yellow box, although I quickly migrated to The Wild Unknown Tarot because of the gorgeous nature imagery. I’m strongly drawn to a variety of decks that do not feature human figures as the focal point of every card, be they nature-oriented or not. In my experience, such decks allow for easier access to the practical messages of the cards without the barrier of imagery bound to traditional or binary representations of gender.

Can I invite you onto my podcast or feature Uncaged Tarot in my publication?

Of course! Send me the details through my contact form and we can discuss the opportunity. Thanks for your consideration!

I’m a musician. Can you review my music on the Uncaged Tarot Playlist Project blog or feature it on a tarot-inspired playlist?

I love discovering new music! I can’t promise to feature every single song that comes my way on the blog or on a playlist, but I invite you to submit details through my contact form. Thanks for your interest!